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John Hermann Museum

The John A. Hermann Memorial Art Museum will reopened on Sunday, June 6th. The featured art will be "Hermann's Ladies", a collection of paintings of women that Hermann did throughout his 71 years of artistry.

The museum will be open each Sunday from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Mary's Gate- A Ministry of Assumption Parish

Free- Grab and Go Lunches - The Last Saturday of Each Month

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Bellevue Troop Banners - You can still apply throughout the year.
Bellevue Veterans Association (BVA) will honor veterans this year by displaying banners along Lincoln Avenue between Memorial Day and Veterans Day. If you would like to remember and honor your veteran family member, the BVA is still taking orders. contact Paul Cusick at 412-860-4283 or For more information, go to and search for Bellevue Troop Banners.

Hermann Museum
The John A. Hermann, Jr. Memorial Art Museum is looking for volunteer docents. The museum, located at 318 Lincoln Ave in Bellevue, has been reborn over the past few years and offers the community and elsewhere an experience of fine art. Docents will be trained to give tours of John Hermann's collection of over 1,000 peieces of paintings, bronze statues and ivory. If interested and a lover of the arts, please contact Paul Cusick at or on 412-860-4283.

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