Ronald and Barbara Wilson

The North Boros lost two of its most beloved members, Ron and Barbara Wilson, as a result of a tragic house fire on Tuesday. Mrs. Wilson's sister, Cassandra Kemp, who also lived in the home, was out of town at the time and a handicapped man who the family fostered, Jimmy, was able to escape.

The family is now homeless as the house is uninhabitable and will be razed.  The Wilsons were very involved in the community and were most often seen at anything having to do with their beloved only son, Chad. Chad, a 2001 Northgate graduate, is now a high school teacher in Maryland.

Friends of the family have set up a fund to help the family with expenses arising from a double funeral and the complete and utter loss of their home. Tragically, Chad's mother in law, had only recently passed away and was buried (today) this Saturday. In the spate of a week, Chad and his wife, Louise, have lost three parents. We ask the generous citizens of our community to help this family with thoughts, prayers and donations, no matter how small.