068 Program

Laurel and Gilliland Place
Letter received by residents

Laurel and Gilliland Place – 068 Program
In early April of 2018, the “068” Program leased the 46 townhouses on Laurel and Gilliland Place for the purpose of providing housing to former inmates of federal prisons, homeless veterans and others in need.  Current residents received letters stating that their leases would not be renewed. 068 are the final three digits of a federal prisoner number from those who come from Western Pennsylvania. The program was started by a former inmate, Daniel Bull, who served time for defrauding investors of $475,000.00. Bull has made some restitution and is continuing to return the misused funds. Having “been there”, he saw the need of released inmates who couldn’t get housing or jobs because of their record.

Gilliland Place
Gilliland Place

According to a Bellevue Councilman, who met with the leasing agent, 068 works with the Justice Department, Chartiers Center and veteran groups to serve those in need. They also have established a corporation, Work Pittsburgh, that trains and employs the convicts in the construction fields. The housing will not be provided to violent criminals or those who abuse women or children. Alcohol and drugs are not permitted. The leases are provided on a month to month basis to facilitate quick evictions or the leasee’s desire to move on.

As would be expected, Bellevue Borough’s Code Enforcement Office have been questioned by residents and elected officials about the legality of the housing arrangement. Although no violations have been found, the borough solicitor is reviewing the state and local laws. One resident asked why Bellevue was chosen for this program. She asked: “Why didn’t they put this in McKees Rocks?” The value of the program is not questioned. It is the usual “NIMBY” (Not in My Back Yard) response.

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